No Sugar Added

So this past week has been amazing in my fight against sugar. I’m totally proud of myself. Although my mobility is restricted because of my knee-a-saurus, I managed to stay as active as I can and lost 5 lbs. that’s a big win in my books. I’m feeling motivated and determined. 

I had my ultrasound on my knee and I get the results from a nurse on Thursday because my Dr is away. I can’t see her until Sept 14th. I hope we can get the ball rolling to have this Durolane removed. My knee is still very big as my joint rejected the Durolane and it caused a bakers cyst which makes it very hard to bend.

Getting dressed and using the toilet is quite challenging but I’m managing. 

This morning I was up before the sun due to stiffness from laying still so I decided to make my day productive. I guess I had two choices, be a potato for the day or get my butt moving and make the best of these extra hours. 

Yesterday my son (12) performed at a local vendors market singing and playing his ukelele and we had a blast but standing that long made me pretty sore, hence the 6am wake up today. 

I guess the bonus to having RA ( if there is any at all) is that the more I move, the better I feel which motivates me to keep moving. Even the length of time it took me to sit and type this out made my shoulder stiff and sore. My stiffness forces me to stay busy. I can’t even sit still long enough to watch a movie these days.

Well it’s time to take the dogs for a hobble. I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday!




Today it happened. This morning was the best morning I had in a month… I got my own sock on. Now most of you may think this is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard but do you know what this means? My knee actually bent this morning. I don’t know if it is the lack of sugar making my swelling reduce, or if it’s the exercise or my knee is finally getting better, but I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and see if this is a slow progression to maybe regaining a bit of mobility. Whatever it is, I’m so excited!

Last night my son made dinner, he is such a little cutie pie. I’m trying to teach him some life skills so hopefully one day he can be classy and romantic and cook his partner dinner. Also so he can help around the house with laundry and dishes and these kinds of things. OR he can actually manage to live on his own and clean up after himself. There are so many of my younger cousin’s (I have LOTS of cousins) girlfriends or boyfriends that will come over for a meal and confess they have no idea how to cook. I don’t even know how they survive. Have you ever tried eating out three meals a day, it’s $$$. So with my son, who is only 12 I’d like to lay down a foundation of life skills that he can carry into his early adulthood. Once a week he makes dinner… it’s not always fancy but that’s not the point. Last night we had chicken breast with sautéed mushrooms and oven baked perogies.. He did a fantastic job!!

While we were having dinner cooked for us, we decided it was time to remove the furniture from our bedroom and vacuum and dust. Wow, the dust bunnies under there were amazing… As a working mom I can’t say that every night I come home and clean until bed to get everything that needs doing done… Unfortunately I’m human, I have an auto-immune disease and sometimes even when I have free time and feel good, I don’t want to! My house is tidy and clean but there are always chores that I get behind in, if I have all the laundry done then that means the floors need washing, and if they are both done that means the beds need to be stripped, I’m sure you all have the same story!

Sorry I veered off there for a second, ok so we got that all organized and dust free and it feels so good. I love checking something off the list that has been on the list for weeks. We also got out the dogs crates and although they don’t have doors on them anymore, we made the puppies sleep in there last night so I wouldn’t wake up so much during the night because I am stiff and cant’ move. Maybe that is why the knee feels so good today… The puppies were not impressed and kept trying to sneak in bed in the middle of the night, but a 130lb dog can’t really “sneak” into bed when he has to jump to get in it… he almost bounces me off when he gets on…

Tomorrow is the day I hopefully get this stuff sucked back out of my knee, to be honest I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated with this whole thing… I need a little break from being stiff and sore… I’d love to have a whole week of fully functioning bits and bites… Maybe someday…

Oh I almost forgot, I discovered these babies last night. I found myself in the snack aisle at the local grocery looking for something snacky but not terrible… has anyone ever tried these??



Well until next time friends.



Ultrasound #3

12540872_10156406866855484_4943573761019572831_nGood morning my friends. Monday morning is upon us and let me just tell you how excited I am to start a new week. I live in Canada, so every Monday morning I treat myself to a coffee from Tim Horton’s.. mmmmmm.

I have reduced my daily sugar intake drastically eating a banana or apple to curb my sweet cravings but man oh man I can’t give up my coffee.. I tried just cream, it’s not my favorite. I take one single sugar in an XL coffee so I figure as long as I can keep the rest of my week fairly clean that one Monday morning sugar is ok.

I have an appointment on Wednesday for ultrasound #3 on this knee-a-saurus of mine. Hopefully they can remove whatever it is that is causing me this pressure. My GP thinks the durolane injection somehow created a bakers cyst (fluid buildup in my bursa) and if that is the case that would be GREAT, because they can drain it and I’ll be back to normal, which isn’t half as bad as what I have to work with now.

Limping around for the past three + weeks (4 weeks on Thursday coming) is certainty putting me in check. I know that if I don’t take care of my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) limping and crutches and swelling just like this will be my future. I’m not going to let that happen to me. I will do everything in my power to prevent that from happening. It’s 0% fun.. I get so frustrated with myself that I can’t bend or maneuver how I usually do. Do you know what the hardest thing to do is, out of every task I have difficulty with, getting myself dressed is the hardest. First thing in the morning I’m challenged, I’m frustrated, I’m tired and hungry and coffeeless and I have to try and do the hardest thing possible, great right? Actually yes it is, I don’t mind a challenge. I don’t mind being pushed a little even if it’s in the morning. Let’s get that over with so the rest of my day can be fabulous. I have been limping on the treadmill, I tried the elliptical last night but my knee doesn’t have that range of motion yet… I’m working on it.

I have a very hard time sleeping lately, I was hoping the reduction in sugar would help that. I am working towards cutting it out completely, maybe it will help then. During the night I get woken up often with pain. Stiff, sore shoulders and knees… I wish they would give people with RA  a “body mover” for when we are sleeping so we wouldn’t get stiff… maybe I will invent that. Last night I was up 4 times for approximately 15 minutes each. My husband is quite the “sleep snuggler” so I find that when he is cuddling me don’t really move so I get super stiff. Small price to pay for premium snuggles I guess. Do any of you find staying sedentary harder on your body than keeping moving?

Weekend sugar intake was moderate, I had two glasses of wine and one piece of birthday cake for my best friends birthday on Saturday. The table was full of neverending snacks and sweets, eclairs and chocolate spreads for fruit and cakes….. I had one small piece of bday cake…so that’s ok I think. Today is the start to a new week, with a whole new set of challenges I’m ready for!!

Chin up, chest out, let’s do this!!



Just Keep Swimming..

So today I woke up and I couldn’t bend my leg. I don’t mean fully bend it but I couldn’t even bend it a little. My husband said I should take it easy today and left for work. What did I do? Took the dogs for a walk, then went for a bike ride. At first it started out as a one legged bike ride, but after a bit I was able to bend it enough to put my foot on the pedal. It felt like my knee was going to burst open but I managed and as I went along it got easier. 

He says I’m stubborn, I think I’m determined. Sitting and resting all day isn’t my idea of fun. With my arthritis I get sore if I sit still too long so in my mind, the key to the game is to keep moving.

I did some baking when I got home and then weeded my garden. I feel good! Minus one very swollen knee. But that’s not news.

For dinner tonight I’ll be heading back to the garden for everything except the chicken. It feels so good to grow and eat your own food! I just love it.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Round Two!!

So I went to my family doctor about this knee-a-saurus right here and apparently my body has rejected the lubrication injection they put in three weeks ago so I have to get it sucked back out. I am frustrated to say the least. I find it hard to bend so exercise other than walking is pretty much out of the question. 

My doctor was quite upset when she heard the surgeon said he wanted to wait two more years before he replaces my knee due to my age. See the issue is they don’t really have much data on what happens after 15 years with a knee replacement. Do I get another one? Does it continue to work fine?  Does it cause damage to my Tybia and Femur? The life expectancy in a knee replacement is 15 years, I guess I’ll be in another study then.. SUPER!!

All I know right now is my quality of life is not that if a 35 year old. It sucks trying to lose weight and not being able to move. 

The no sugar went good yesterday! Like actually good. I was so proud of myself. 

I hope you all have a great day!! Off to make (and not eat) banana loaf for my kiddo… 


Creaky Joints


This morning when I woke up I could barely bend my knee it’s so swollen. See for those of you who don’t know what Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Rheumatoid Disease is, let me explain. In the simplest form, my immune system is eating my body. My immune system sees things in my body as bad, and it attacks until there is nothing left. So literally, my immune system is trying to fight off….. my body. It kinda sucks and causes me a lot of pain and swelling. Great excuse not to exercise right?


(So these are my knees, other than the obvious issue with spacing here the white lines under the gap is arthritis deterioration. It’s not terrible, but it’s there and it makes me sore)




The problem is I shouldn’t be lazy, I feel much better when I am moving and being active.. If I stay still too long I get sore and stiff and I swell… where as if I am active I get sore and stiff and I swell, but the bonus is, the next day after being active, I’m not stiff… I feel good. So that should be my motivation to keep moving right? But go ahead and ask me what I did last night… go ahead ask me…

Last night I made dinner, pork chops and salad and carrots from my garden, then I sat on my butt and played on my phone… yup. Why? Because I was sore… but if I had moved my arse I’d be in better form today…  I need help with the moving part… but the no sugar part is going GREAT! That’s a lie actually, it’s hard… and I ate a freezie last night… ok I had two but they were little… ugh.. ok they weren’t little but do you know what? I’m not giving up today.. I’m starting fresh.. I got this!! I would have usually had a cookie at tea time and I didn’t, I would have usually had desert after dinner and I didn’t, that’s a win in my books… so yes. No sugar is going …… maybe GOOD instead of GREAT.

No sugar is going good!!


Day one – Stats

Hello, my name is Mendy and I’m a sugar addict. I love baking, candy, icing of any sort, desert, ice cream, cakes, squares, pie, pastry, fruit snacks… ok you get the point. I am a sugar addict. Of the many changes I want to make in my life, quitting sugar will be the hardest.

Maybe sugar doesn’t contribute anything to the progression of my Rheumatoid Arthritis but do you know what? quitting sugar certainty won’t hurt.

I was told that I have 10 years of walking left… my knees and hips are in terrible shape. Rheumatoid Arthritis will twist and deform my body and I will be dependant on narcotics to function. Nice right? I almost had a panic attack. I try to do the whole “live for today” kind of thing but if you were given this news would you not try everything in your power to prevent it?

So that’s my plan… I currently weigh 220 lbs. That’s probably 50 lbs overweight according to my personal standards. My rheumatologist said for every 10 lbs overweight I am, it adds 50lbs of pressure to my deteriorating joints… so you do the math… yup, it’s a lot.

So here is my overall plan;

  1. Lose some weight – I will start with 10 lbs.. small goals right?
  2. Exercise – 5 days a week. I’d like to move my body until I sweat… yoga or walking or even just moving on my elliptical in my basement would work
  3. Cut out sugar – so this one will be tough. I would like to do this in baby steps so first I will only have sugar in coffee in the a.m. I take one teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. I will cut everything else. Natural sugar in fruit is ok, refined sugar products are gone!
  4. Eat more fruit and veg – I can probably count a dozen meals I have a week without ANY fruits or vegetables at all… today that changes.

Ok so that’s my plan. Why am I blogging? Accountability maybe? Maybe to keep track of my journey? Maybe so others can joint me? I’m not sure… but what I do know is today is the day I start fighting back. This is my life and I will do whatever it takes.

xxoo friends

Wish me luck!!

About Me

My name is Mendy, I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I was born and raised on the east coast of Canada. I was raised not much different than any other child in the 1980’s, middle class, somewhat religious, lots of friends and family. Growing up I wasn’t overweight, I was average, my life was simple and fun and average, so I couldn’t tell you where the problems started but I can tell you when I found out I had them.

Just after my 31st birthday my health started to decline. I was overweight, diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy, I went through several medications before I found an anti-epileptic medication that worked. Then when I was 34 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I’m not sure why some people are healthy and others are sick. I’m not sure why I am programed for illness, but I can’t just sit back and let these diseases eat me… so I know what I’m going to do.