A bag of potatoes

I’ve officially lost 10 lbs. That’s one bag of potatoes. I’m excited and motivated and encouraged to try my best to keep moving. My knee is getting a little worse everyday but I try my best to do what I can, when I can. I’m excited. 

I have to admit the first week off sugar I had major withdrawals. I had a three day headache and I was a wee bit crabby but my family was patient and understanding. I’m proud to say I’m two weeks off sugar and I feel good!!!! 

I’m patiently waiting for my dr to continue the process in getting this knee of mine a little more mobile. Apparently removing this Durolane injection will do that, so that is what our next step is.

Anyway I’m going to take my dogs for a hobble and bake something for my boys.

Have a fantastic day everyone