Pain In The ……. Back.

So this weekend we (a bunch of girlfriends and I) celebrated my birthday which was on Thursday past. There may or may have not been wine present, and I may or may not have drank an entire bottle to myself. It was fun, from what I can remember…

The point of this post is this, my back hurts again. Just like it did when I first had my kidney issues a while back. My back and lower left abdomen is cramping quite a bit today. I wonder if I have another infection? That would be crazy since I JUST got over one. I don’t know if it’s my kidney’s that are sore, or is it day #2 of my wine hangover? Either way, ouch… But not what you would expect with kidney stones.. maybe they are different for different people, but it’s not terrible, just uncomfortable. Like a period cramp but in your back… maybe that was a bad comparison but you get what I mean, it’s not awful screaming pain that I can’t handle… it’s ok-ish.

Has any of my fellow RA warriors experienced multiple infections from a bogged down immune system? I am so tired of being sick. I feel ill all the time. I am getting to the point that I don’t like to tell my husband what ails me today, because there is always something. I’d love to be healthy… my RA doesn’t really bother me that much, it’s all the little things you get with RA that I’m having trouble with…

I’m feeling a bit frustrated ….

Until next time friends..




Taming The Knee-O-Saurus!

So ya… that Durolane (synvisk) injection was the worst decision I’ve ever made. Worse than cutting my own bangs (off) when I was 7 with the kitchen scissors, and even worse than going on a blind date with my BFF’s boyfriends friend in grade 11 because he was lonely. This injection is top 2 on the worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’ll save #1 for another post.

After my injection my knee was HUGE and I mean it. Probably grew to three times it’s normal size. I guess my body attacked the fluid and created more fluid and swelling.. it was crazy. I called my family doctor when it wouldn’t bend anymore… I know, I know, I should have phoned earlier, but when you are at the specialist for on reason or another every week, you try and avoid going if you don’t REALLY have to go.

So I love my GP and think she is pretty amazing, problem is, so does everyone else. It’s super great to have a GP or family doctor as we call them here in Canada, but if you can’t get an appointment for a month or two that does me zero good….  So when sitting on the toilet was aided by my husband, I called the urgent care at the hospital a few towns over and asked to speak to the doctor that was on call.. As shocking as this is, they actually let me speak to him… I told him my story about the injection and my GP and how I can’t bend my knee anymore and I’m about to try and drain this stuff out myself. He told me to come down and they will see what they can do. Lucky for me they had my ultrasound and x-rays on file and could pinpoint where the fluid was building up…

So I got to the urgent care and I was taken directly in the back where I met my new favorite person in the whole world. This doctor told me to bite down on something because he wasn’t able to freeze me and he was going to stick big needles under my kneecap, with the first draw of that needle 25cc’s of fluid came off my knee, I felt immediate relief… it was fabulous… as he took the tube off the needle full of my fluid and put another one on, the pressure from all the fluid in my knee squirted him in the shirt… it was everywhere squirting from this syringe all over the place, on him, on the table on the floor… it was yellow and thick kind of like cheap maple syrup. By the end of this ordeal he took 65cc’s of fluid off my knee and I could have cartwheeled out of that place….

The next day I get a call to come back into the urgent care because there was a problem with my fluid results, apparently my knee was infected. The inside of my body, my bones were infected.. I figure the only way that could have happened was from the initial Durolane injection. The fluid in my knee showed high levels of white blood cells so I returned for blood work. They grew some kind of culture which showed them I had to be on IV antibiotics for several days… that SUCKED!!! A LOT. They left the IV in my hand and sent me home every night. It was awful to try and sleep with and burned all the time.. I  had to go once a day for an hour for my IV because they gave me this pill to shut my kidney’s off… That way my kidney’s wouldn’t filter the medication before it had a chance to work it’s magic.. (You still with me here?) So after the IV treatment was done, the kidney turn off pill had wore off so you’d think I was good to go right? Well that’s a big Negative!! My kidney’s were overloaded so I got an infection, that turned into a stone, so more meds and more antibiotics…


So the long and the short is, my infected knee joint caused a kidney infection, the kidney infection caused a kidney stone, the stone caused a urinary tract infection, which I’m still working on… Good Gravy, I’m ready to turn myself in for a newer model….

Anyway, I’m falling apart, you’re falling apart, let’s all just fall apart… But my chin is up and I’m in good spirits because I get to have CAKE this week… 2 sleeps until my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

Until next time friends .