What Am I Waiting For…..

So since the whole knee fiasco I haven’t taken my RA meds… I know I know I should.. but they make me tired the day after I take them. So I push them out further and further until I put myself in this position, not having taken them since September. I know right… it’s awful. I feel ok though. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking these big huge meds for something that is imaginary. I can’t see it, most days I can’t feel it. I SHOULD take them because of internal organ damage and blah blah I know … but I should also eat healthier and exercise daily and not drink wine… but guess what….. 😉

I have an appointment tomorrow with my Rheumatologist and he’s going to FREAK! Not only have I not been taking my meds, I haven’t been going for my monthly blood tests either. I think he’s going to yell at me. I’m nervous just like when you know you’ve done something wrong at school and your teacher called home… you know you are going to get in trouble but you can’t stay away forever… it’s your home. I know I should go back on my meds… but I don’t. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for…

Anyway i’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. I will need my cortisone shots again soon so maybe he can just do them there in the office so I don’t have to wait in emerg to get them done. But maybe he will say, Why bother, you don’t seem to care…. who knows..

Until next time.