Face Talks…



I decided to go to physio on Thursday to see what they can do to get this knee bending if anything at all. I got Olga the opinionated know it all physio therapist… NICE.

For the first 10 minutes of my 30 minute session Olga took it upon herself to try to convince me now is the time for a knee replacement. She explained to me what the pro’s are for this surgery and how not getting it done was taking quality of life away from my husband and son… I.M.A.G.I.N.E!!!  While I tried my very hardest to be professional and compassionate to the fact that in her mind, she was helping, I’m pretty sure although my words were nice, my face told her to fuck off!! Oops.

The thing that Olga doesn’t know is I’m a research junkie. I know exactly what a total knee replacement surgery entails as well as how long my stay in the hospital will be, what the rate of success and failure is among people my age who had it done, what kinds of knees are available… almost everything. What Olga doesn’t know is that every morning I wake up in pain, I can barely walk and it’s not because I think it’s a good friggin time! It’s because I NEED to try every single thing in my power before I do this surgery. It’s not a little surgery, they are removing my knee and putting in a metal one.. BIG DEAL FOLKS!!

After Olga finished her speel about how now is the right time and I should have been here 10 years ago and it isn’t fixable and what are my expectations exactly because there isn’t much she can do for me, I was furious… and although I’m pretty sure my words were, “Olga, I’ve considered my options very closely and my choice right now is physio, so although I’m apparently 10 years late for this appointment, let’s just get started here”  my face must have clearly said “Listen lady, don’t tell me what to do, you’re not the decision maker for me, now shut up and do your job” which of course I’d never say in a million years to a person… but I’m pretty sure my face said that because she was CLEARLY intimidated by me after I spoke up. She started stumbling over her words and closing her eyes while she was talking instead of making eye contact and did not seem comfortable at all. That was not my intention, however, I know I need it replaced. My dr tells me, my rheumy tells me, my os tells me… I promise I know.

I go back to physio on Thursday and I’m going to be empathetic to the fact that this lady is only trying to help.

As for the weekend, it was great. It was a long weekend here in Alberta Canada. We had a few friends over Friday and Saturday, then we got the pool up and our kitchen reno make some progress… All in all it was a great weekend to do outside things and enjoy the sunshine.

Knee is sore, knee is swollen, walking is hard, such is life…

Until next time friends



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