Wednesday is the day. No more waiting. On Wednesday I get my leg cut in half and a new knee put in place. … How do I feel? Anxious. That’s a good word. I was terrified, then I went to worried, now it’s more of an uneasy feeling, but not scared anymore. I’m ready to work hard… let’s get er done!

See you on the other side friends..




Teaching Class Part II

So the teaching class was terrifying. They truly prepare you for the worst possible case scenario. Not only were my husband and I the youngest people in there by about 30+ years, every single person in there was retired. Like literally I was the only person asking about work forms and insurance claims and stuff. Quite hilarious.

My surgeon told me that getting a knee replacement at this age was a good and a bad thing equally at the same time and let me tell you why. My muscles are strong. I can stand from sitting position using only one leg and nothing else. I am still quite active in my life chasing kids and working full time and those kinds of things which keep me in better shape than most recipients, however I will need more than one replacement in my lifetime. But that being said, I can live with the fact that 25 years down the road it will more than likely start to bother me again… 25 years… yup i’ll take it.

My surgery is 8 days away now… and today I woke up a little scared but not too bad. To be honest, it’s the staples.. I’m mostly afraid of seeing 25-40 staples in my body, holding it closed… that freaks me right out!!!!! I just can’t wrap my head around it. I know i’ll have pain killers, and good ones, but seriously…. they are cutting my leg in half, I’m a little uneasy with the whole thing as you can imagine.

The teaching class said we will require all these crazy old people gadgets in order to function after surgery… a walker, crutches, cane, raised toilet seat, shoe horn, shower chair, shower scrub on a long handle, a thing a mer bob to pick things up from the floor… hummmmm. In the back of my mind I think this course is geared towards old people who live alone.. I don’t think I will be buying these things. I have a shower seat, crutches and a cane… I think that’s all I need.

I don’t know if I am getting more nervous or am coming to terms with it more the closer it gets, I’m not sure. I change my mind minute to minute on the whole matter.  But either way it’s coming, I’m having it done and at some point on July 12th I’m going to wake up with a huge incision, a bunch of staples in my leg and a brand shiny new knee…

Until next time friends.